Wednesday, May 4, 2011

River Lee

I don't wannna cry
any more
because there are people
who never understand me

I look areound and see
the beautiful River Lee
where I would like to be
engulfed by its waters, in the sea
why do I try so hard
to get to know people
who doesn't listen to me?

River Lee
I want to ride your waters
and sink under them
where all the people
understand me
River Lee,
you make me happy for awhile
thinking about your shining waters
but it's only a moment
and afterwards I will be unhappy
like forever
River Lee
Southern Ireland River
lead me to your waters, please
lead me towards the happiness.

(30 de Octubre de 1999)

De 'The Poems of the Emerald Isle: Ireland' (1999-2002)

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