Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nothing is the same without You

How much it feels like raining now, and it's raining outside,
how can like this, for someone I don't really know one bit, cry?
how can I miss you so much, like breathing without air,
I miss your eyes, your smile, I look for and you aren't there,
how can you be so sweet to me, pretending you care?
how can you be this way, why, why and where?

Making gestures at the same time, nothing so sweet,
nothing so cute, so nice, and so lovely; I want to quit,
from this terrible world, and start a daydream,
and not to care about anything, not to care about a thing,
oh my dear, how much can I love you? how much can I love a ghost
like you, whose voice haven't ever heard? don't post
any other sweet words, please, don't do that again,
please don't do it, I miss you, I want to go away;

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I won't be tired of saying so,
I miss you, smile, smile, little cute boy, I feel so low,
don't go, don't ever, don't ever do that again,
don't give me hopes, don't anymore pretend,
I miss you this much, people are strange here,
they don't smile, don't care, don't whisper, don't feel,
maybe because they are not you, but you are just a mere dream,
oh don't, don't listen to me, don't read even this,
words are just words, no more than letters put together,
don't tell me any lovely word, don't do it, don't ever,
just understand, I miss you little Andrew, and not think,
I miss you this much, I miss you, I miss you, please...

(November 2004)

De 'From Sharon to Andrew: The Shattered Blue' (2004-2005)

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